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 Sometimes it feels like, “If I can just get through this week, it’ll be better, I can relax, and not have to worry!”  But the weekends often bring different stresses.  So how do we get over the hump?
What is the hump? Is it the obstacles that get in the way of happiness, of feeling good, feeling accomplished?  The hump can also be the self, our own schemas and routines of behavior that have worked in the past but are no longer working for us now. As we continue to change, so does the need for our behavior to change to adapt to new situations. Relationships, job changes, and personal burnout are all examples of issues where it would help to find new ways of handling old problems.

Counseling from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor can help explore those strengths that we have that when we look deeper can help one grow, out of the feelings of being stuck and stagnant, to regaining one’s sense of accomplishment and growth.    


Jeffrey S. Vallon, Ph.D. , LMHC, NBCC
Counselor, Psychotherapist

License # 003434

 I work with the emotional needs of each person to feel the way we WANT to feel in our relationships with others- worthy, confident, and making a difference. These feelings don't happen in a vacuum, nor can they occur if we're feeling stagnant, anxious, or with a poor self confidence. We make the alliance to build on the foundation with one's own skills, together to make the changes to improve and to move forward in both personal and in relationships.
No one needs to feel alone.  I have worked with many populations: families with elderly parents, families with disabled adult children, marital counseling stemming from infidelity, veterans, incarcerated inmates, in-patients with diagnosed mental illnesses, and more. My practice works on your strengths more than your weaknesses; really the only way to move forward successfully.
 Cognitive Behavioral  Humanistic and Culturally Sensitive
counseling and psychotherapy
for couples, individuals, families struggling with
 - poor self esteem
- communication
- marital issues
-gender roles
- coping skills
- confidence
- infidelity
   Taking the first step is often times the most difficult.
      There is no growth without disturbance
       You don't have to do it alone.
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